Many of the Covid-19 restrictions have eased across the UK. My services will continue as normal & I would like to offer continued support to help you & your loved ones.

I am currently fully vaccinated against Covid-19 & do take as many preventative precautions as possible on a day to day basis.


If you have a symptom of coronavirus, the advice is to stay at home and well away from others. Symptoms are now broader than those originally typically reported of a continuous cough, fever and lack of taste or smell. Cold and flu like symptoms, for example, may be indicators.


PCR and lateral flow tests are no longer free of charge to the general public across much of the UK, but will remain available free for at risk groups.

If you test positive for coronavirus, you should advise those you have been close to in recent days straight away, arrange care cover if necessary and self-isolate. 

Do seek medical help if the symptoms become severe and difficult to manage.

What support is available to help if you have COVID-19?

On the NHS website, there is helpful guidance outlining what to do if you have COVID-19 and how to cope with different symptoms. See the guidance here.

If you are struggling to cope with the symptoms or for other reasons, do not hesitate to seek further advice by visiting 111 online or call 111. If you are experiencing any alarming or life-threatening symptoms such as extreme breathlessness or a seizure, call 999.

Further information and support

If you are visiting someone who is vulnerable, it is advisable to take every precaution possible such as wearing PPE or postponing the visit if you have any cold like symptoms.




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