Here you will find some great information about the types of funding that may be available to you.



Although I do my best to provide you with as much useful, help & advice as possible, sometimes information can change without notice & may become obsolete.

It is always advisable for anyone seeking care advice of any kind, (including funding), to consult the official authority that is responsible for the advice or funding, before making any decisions. 

Below are the available funding options for carers & those who are cared for.

Attendance Allowance

This funding is for people over the age of 65 with physical or mental disabilities & require help with personal care.

The Attendance Allowance is a tax free Government benefit that can be applied for & is not means tested.

For more information on this funding, please click the "LEARN MORE" button below to visit the website & search for Attendance Allowance.

Personal Health Budgets

These budgets are funded by the NHS & are available to help those who have an agreed care & support plan between themselves & their local NHS teams.

They have been designed to help you make the best care giving decisions possible, allowing you to achieve your health & well being goals.

For more information on this type of Personal Health Budget, please click the "LEARN MORE" button below.

Carers Allowance

You may be eligible to apply for this allowance if you are over the age of 16 & spend more than 35 hours per week caring for someone.

This is a taxable beneftit that is not available for the following individuals:
1. If you work in full time education.
2. If you receive certain other benefits.
3. If you earn over £123.00 per week after deductions.

For more information on this funding, please click the "LEARN MORE" button below to visit the website & search for Carers Allowance.

NHS Continuing Care Funding

This funding is for those who have a complex medical condition due to disability, accident or illness.

If you are eligible for it, NHS Continuing Care is free support & usually awarded to those who require nursing care.

Some of the things that this care can be used for include the following:
1. Healthcare costs.
2. Personal care.
3. Accommodation/support for home care workers.

For more information on NHS Continuing Care Funding, please click the "LEARN MORE" button below.

Social Funding Services

For those who need care & have savings less than £23,250.

A budget will be decided upon by the local authority once the person in question has been deemed eligible for this funding.

To apply for this funding, you first have to contact your local Adult Social Services department to arrange a Community Care Assessment.

For more information on Social Funding Services, please click the "LEARN MORE" button below.

Funding, Savings & Charges

Anyone with savings in excess of £23.250 will not be eligible for funding.

If you have savings between £14,250 & £23,250, £1 income for every £250 between these amounts is assumed.

When calculating the eligible rate of funding, savings, mortgage, rent & expenses are all taken into consideration & up to 65% of the total cost can be asked to go towards the care provided.

For more information on Funding, Savings & Charges, please click the "LEARN MORE" button below.


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